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Ava Navarrete

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Created for our GLOBAL #stayhome #homebartender situation, our to-go cocktail program @redtableinstagram, and for this cool @liquidalchemist cocktail contest🌴

Everything about this yummy cocktail can be recreated at home, just requires a little bit of patience :) Each ingredient is thoughtfully chosen to compliment the next and can be gathered in one quick shopping trip. Keep in mind that this cocktail was designed to be enjoyed by the broad spectrum of palates that order to-go cocktails where I bartend.

With that said, by using techniques like infusions and making an Oleo Saccharum, cocktails like this baby here gain depth and create a lasting impression.

A lot of interesting modifiers came to mind with the creation of this baby. If you would like any suggestions, feel free to hit me up!



1 ½ oz Plantation Rum (Thyme infused )

½ oz Aperol

¾ oz Liquid Alchemist Passion Fruit Syrup

½ oz Fresh Lemon Juice

½ oz Homemade Lemon Óleo

¼ oz Rich Simple Syrup



Long Shake
Double Strain

For instructions on how I infused the Rum, click the link below!

Thyme Infused Techniques

Suggested Glass:

Sour Glass or Coupe


Grated nutmeg, or sprig of thyme.

Lemon Oleo:

Take the peels from 10 lemons and weigh in grams

Weigh out equal grams of sugar and combine the peels with the sugar in a sealable container. Allow to sit for 24 hours. Shake the mixture occasionally to keep the mixture even.

The sugar will pull the oils and moisture from the peels and create a syrup.

After 24 hours, press the mixture with a muddler to separate the oleo to the bottom of the container. Seperate the lemon peels from the oleo.

Some recipes call to add hot water to rinse the peels and get more product, but I find that this dilutes the oleo too much. I guess it depends on how thick you want your oleo to be and I prefer it to have a nice thick texture.

Once you have seperated the oleo from the peels, put the oleo into its own container and label with the date.

This process can be used with any citrus.

Keep in mind when peeling the citrus, that the more pith you leave on the peels, the more bitter your oleo might be. Ideally you want the citrus flavor but not the bitter elements, so the less pith, the better!

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