The Margarita is a classic sour with a liqueur added to it. Before prohibition, agave spirits weren’t part of the spirit lexicon in America except perhaps in parts of Texas and California. Before prohibition there was a classic American cocktail called the Daisy, which consisted of a brandy, orange liqueur and lemon juice. During prohibition, Americans went to Cuba and Mexico in order to drink. There is no consensus on who invented the Margarita, but it seems likely that an American might ask for something like a Daisy and a Mexican bartender would alter the recipe, using readily available tequila and limes instead of brandy and lemon juice. It may not be a coincidence that margarita is the Spanish word for daisy. Another interesting aspect of the Margarita is that it is the only classic drink with a salt rim. Salt brings out the depth of flavor from the savory agave spirit. This drink is shaken in order to emulsify the lime juice and the agave nectar. Can be served on the rocks.




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